Composing tools

pyfxr.chord(sounds: u'List[Union[SoundBuffer, SFX]]', double stagger=0.0) SoundBuffer

Generate a chord by combining several sounds.

If stagger is given, the start of each additional sound will be delayed by stagger seconds.

pyfxr.simple_chord(name: str, attack: float = 0.1, decay: float = 0.1, sustain: float = 0.75, release: float = 0.25, wavetable: ~_pyfxr.Wavetable = <_pyfxr.Wavetable object>, stagger: float = 0.0) SoundBuffer

Construct a chord using a chord name like

  • C - major chord in C

  • Bbm or Bb- - minor chord in B-flat

  • D7 - dominant 7th


Other parameters are as for tone() and :func:`chord.